Why Singers Need to Burn their Boats

Burning of the Frigate Philadelphia in the Harbor of Tripoli by Edward Moran "Hang on a tick! What have boats got to do with singing?" I hear you cry. Well, let's just ignore the entire history of sea shanties, side-step my love of the sea in general and glorious old sailing ships in particular, and … Continue reading Why Singers Need to Burn their Boats

Singing for Health

  This week, my interest was piqued and eyebrows raised by an online petition calling for the UK government to consider making singing available on prescription. Now, it could be argued that the UK government has bigger fish to fry at the moment, what with Brexit and all… but let’s not go down that rabbit … Continue reading Singing for Health

Drum Out the Camatics and other Superstar Stories

Hi, Ria here... I've just finished a run of Jesus Christ Superstar in Gloucester Cathedral, working with the breathtakingly talented Jon Moses, Dan Haslam and Voices Unlimited, not to mention the wonderful Queen's Philharmonic Orchestra, among others. To say that the experience was life-changing is not over-stating it. How often does anyone get to work … Continue reading Drum Out the Camatics and other Superstar Stories

Creativity, Crucifixion and Contemporary Choirs

At VIDLA, we don't believe in ivory tower singing teachers. We firmly believe that to be a really great teacher, you should be a) an excellent singer b) an excellent teacher and c) an excellent performer. Lead from the front, we say! None of this "Do as I say, not as I do" nonsense. With that … Continue reading Creativity, Crucifixion and Contemporary Choirs

Another Diploma Graduate Unleashed in the UK!

Congratulations are due to top-level VIDLA Diploma student Britt Packer, who has graduated this week not only with straight A grades, but also weeks ahead of her completion date! Britt is an ex-professional dancer who has a passion for singing, and has flown through her VIDLA studies in great style! She is due to formally … Continue reading Another Diploma Graduate Unleashed in the UK!

VIDLA students at Worcester Music Festival

Worcester is the home of the VIDLA Principal and so the Academy has a lot of links to the city's music and education scene. This weekend sees the return of the annual Worcester Music Festival, and Ria spent yesterday leading a vocal workshop in the morning, and then leading the Voices Unlimited Contemporary Choir at … Continue reading VIDLA students at Worcester Music Festival